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100 Meals Per Quarter $1,415.00

100 Meals Per Quarter
  • 100 meals per quarter
  • $214 Dining Dollars
The 100 Meals Per Quarter meal plan gives you 100 meals to use for the entire quarter at our All-You-Care to eat dining halls. The 100 Block comes with $214 Dining Dollars to use at our retail locations. Dining Dollars that are associated with meal plans will carry forward to Spring. At the end of Spring quarter all unused Dining Dollars will expire.

Fall Quarter cost: $1,415
Winter Quarter cost: $1,229
Spring Quarter cost: $1,080
Annual cost: $3,724

Meal Plan holders can upgrade their plan anytime at https://wwu.starrezhousing.com/StarRezPortal/Login?returnUrl=%2FStarRezPortal%2F03B153DD%2F1%2F1%2FHome-Welcome&isContact=False.Downgrades are accepted through the second Friday of each quarter at 4:30p.