University Dining Services
Catering Exemption 
All foods & Beverages from outside sources other than University Dining Services Please fill out this form:
University Dining Services Catering Exemption Form

If you have the need or desire to request a catering exemption /waiver please follow these steps and guidelines. Please request an exemption waiver form from University Catering Services.

Exemption Requests are to:

  • Serve department needs and expectations by a flexible approach.
  • Routine exceptions that require no additional approval:
  • Potluck meals: food provided by and consumed by group members as part of an informal program and consistent with safe food handling guidelines (see below)
  • Fundraisers: where the preparation and sale of the food is the main component of the program, i.e. a bake sale.
  • When University Dining Services is unable to supply a product or service which is to be confirmed in advance.
  • Provide a simple process to review requests for additional exceptions on a case by case basis.
  • Review events involving third party catering prior to the event.

University Dining Service’s Resident District Manager will review all exemption requests to insure that University catering has first right of refusal to serve food on campus.

When appropriate, additional documentation may be requested, such as Washington State Food Handlers Permit, Washington State of Whatcom County Health Department license for off-premise food service, and or evidence of appropriate liability insurance.

Department heads may request an additional review by an appeals panel.

When the exemption review does not meet department needs, the department head may request an additional review by an appeals panel.

Resident District Manager will convene an appeals panel drawn from the Campus Dining Committee.

Appeals are generally process in 2 working days.